Why We Think The Future Is Video

By orangemouse866 0 Comment April 9, 2018

A lot of people are on the video marketing bandwagon. Is it worth it? If used following the best practices, we think yes. These are the reasons why we think the video is both now and the future. Video is employed by 87% of online marketers (WordStream) The biggest campaigners of visual content, online marketers […]

SEO vs. SEM: What’ The Difference?

By orangemouse866 0 Comment April 5, 2018

SEO and SEM are two key concepts in digital marketing. Often used interchangeably, differentiating between these two terms can become confusing for a beginner. Find out in detail what each term means and entails… SEO Search engine optimization involves smart usage of keywords to improve the ranking of your website on the search engine. In […]