Can Brown Diamonds Be Irradiated?

Can Brown Diamonds Be Irradiated?

By orangemouse866 0 Comment October 1, 2019

There are quite a lot of naturally occurring colored diamonds in the world. These are mined organically and can be found in a range of colors that are present in the spectrum. These stones are unique in nature and are formed after strenuous pressure and heat from the earth’s surface.


These are so rare in nature that only 1 in 10,000 diamonds is a colored one. Those which have an expressive and intense color tend to be rare- and more valuable. But not all colored diamonds sold are naturally occurring. Debate has gone around about whether already brown diamonds can be irradiated to make the color more intense and ultimately increase its price.


Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

These diamonds are anomalous in nature. Severe physical conditions are required for these to be found organically. For example, brown diamonds big and small have a varied price range due to their rarity. These eventually become the infamous Chocolate Diamonds®. Any natural fancy stone will appreciate in the jewelry market and will be assessed using a different criteria than that for colorless diamonds. The systems that people follow for color-grading comes from looking at the saturation and depths of the colors present in the facets of the jewel.


What is Irradiation?
The first time irradiation was used was in 1904. A scientist changed the color of a diamond to dark green and added to its radioactive properties. Irradiation methods today are safe as a treatment method and can produce any desired color. This process is used for changing the color of a diamond to hike up the price. This treatment is found in nature as well as used synthetically in labs and it enjoys this distinction by itself. Some colors can form due to exposure to natural radiation. Another type of ray of radiation can form a different color arrangement.


Irradiated Brown Diamonds
Irradiated brown diamonds are becoming more popular each day. These diamonds are color treated from some lower-quality natural brown diamonds, the color is enhanced to they can be used in jewelry and not construction. Irradiation also helps in improving the clarity of a Chocolate Diamond® which adds to its commercial value. Although radiation is used in the process it is restricted by national laws and regulations.


Should You Buy Irradiated Diamonds?

People have raised concerns when deciding to buy these treated diamonds. While irradiation is a streamlined and radioactive process, there are little to no health concerns for their use. They are perfect for vendors who are looking for something new and affordable in bulk. Untreated and natural diamonds do have their own class and place in the industry but irradiated brown diamonds entice a range of customers. Furthermore, they are usually acquired in bulk so there can be negotiation in price range.


Since the colored diamonds that occur naturally are rare and expensive, people are opting to buy treated diamonds more and more. This has led to a high demand are so rare and in high demand that has made millions in profits.




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