Delivery Driver Benefits

Delivery Driver Benefits

By orangemouse866 0 Comment August 2, 2018

Delivery Driver Benefits

Udely is a centralized automated delivery platform for drivers to register themselves as a contractor(s) and are able to immediately start driving as a “delivery driver” with Udely without being bound to any limits (apart from the limitations in which are set by Udely themselves)

Udely, specific to drivers, offers features that can be beneficial, depending on how sufficient a registered Udely driver may be. This app for delivery driver(s) offers flexibilities with no-limitations and no contracts whatsoever. Since the platform is structured to be contract-free, self-termination, cancellation or release from Udely can be done from user(s) / contractor(s) at any time by simply uninstalling or terminating the application from their smart devices.

The drivers at Udely, whom are also recognized under policies as a “contractor(s)” are required to complete the registration and validation process and in addition to that Udely has the right to run additional background check where it is applicable before a user is considered a verified and authentic registered Udely driver.

Requirements and Qualifications

In order to become an Udely driver, you must go through a process of validation in order to start working with Udely. The following are the requirements in which are in accordance to Udely Terms & Conditions, Driver Agreement and Private Policies;

  1. Valid driver’s license (by State)
  2. Form completion and bio information
  3. A vehicle (truck recommended)
  4. Acknowledge and agreement to terms and conditions of Udely and Udely users.

Equipment, tools and other gadgets that will assist the drivers with delivery of such item will not be required to be purchased by the driver / contractor. It shall be Udely responsibility to provide its drivers / contractor(s) with the necessary required equipment, tools and other gadgets, including delivery driver app in order that such opportunities and other requests are fulfilled as per to Udely’s time line.

Drivers / Contractor(s) Benefits

*Contractors or drivers have the flexibility to work through their own schedule, during any given time.
*Low deductions, interests, state tax, delivery charges apply at minimal.
*Build a profitable under the entrepreneurship programs.
* Vital delivery job app in which updates (auto) and provides jobs and other delivery opportunities to make additional income, profits and bonuses.



Program and Platform Specs

Udely Software application provides the flexibility to allow driver(s) / contractor(s) to work from their own schedule and from their own vehicle. All processes are dispatched through Udely’s internal communicational platforms for drivers and interaction with users (customers) Udely application is structured to be free of any contracts or any further commitments. Since Udely’s structures are based on a self-driven and are considered to be a non-contractual term, termination of such agreement and or release from agreement can be done at any time.

Available Worldwide

Udely software application is not limited to any Country, State, specific limitations, law or any bounding. It is an open platform for those whom would like to use the Udely software application for ordering things and avail its services or become a contract / driver for Udely to make profits and build Udely reputation and its brand awareness. The non-contractual term actually applies to both parties, thus addressed to users (customer and clients whom order) and driver(s) contractor(s) (drivers whom will drive for Udely, making pick and drops from point A to point B)