Facial Light Therapy – New Obsession for Your Skin Care Routine

Facial Light Therapy – New Obsession for Your Skin Care Routine

By orangemouse866 0 Comment May 2, 2019

In past couple of years, the world has experienced the upsurge in the usage of tech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Printing & Augmented Reality (AR) are considered game changers. There are a number of technologies being incorporated into the arena of beauty and taking the cosmetics industry to the whole new heights. These tech-prone products are assisting cosmetics industry to provide instant results for those having little time for their skincare routines.    


One of the well-known procedures in this regard is, usage of LED for skin treatment. Light-emitting-diode (LED) in Facial care, ageing and acne treatment is much in trend nowadays. A number of celebrities i.e. Rosie Huntington, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba etc., are obsessed with getting facial light therapy into their skincare routine.  

There is a myth about such therapies, which says: ‘LED based therapies cause pain, skin damage and make your skin look old overtime.’ LED facial therapy is a pain-free process and doesn’t heat or tan the skin in anyway. Such therapies are the finest way to calm your any facial areas of irritation and to brighten the skin within no time.  

Lights that are being used in the therapy penetrate into your skin cells at various depths to stimulate reactions. For instance, as a result of taking blue light skin treatment, your skin cells start getting rid of acne-causing bacteria and reduce ageing signs on your face. These light treatments are particularly calming enough that you’ll feel refreshed after getting the session. Experts highly recommend light therapy for rosacea and acne-prone skin. It stimulates a structural proteins i.e. Collagen & Elastin, in the extracellular space to make your skin look younger than ever.   

Our skin uses the light emitted by diodes as a source of energy to charge the reparation and renewal of damaged cells, or kill bacteria, in case of treating acne. There are various colors of lights being used in the facial light therapy, each having their own effectivity. Such as: 

Near Infra-Red Light 


In light therapy, Infra-Red is the most profoundly immersed wavelength, which reduces ageing signs, augments the cell absorbency, and sponginess. These type of lights accelerates wound healing and cures cystic acne.    


Blue Light 


It offers a Ultra-Violet free option for the curing of psoriasis and eczema. Blue light have staunch antibacterial properties for reducing oil production, healing acne without any inflammation, and inhibit the breakout in future.  



Red Light 


In Facial Light Treatment, usage of red light is quite high due to a number of obvious reasons. If your skin have issues regarding dehydration, Red light is the best choice for you. It escalates natural hydration, lessen redness, reduces pores, and stimulate blood circulation to repair skin, which is medically approved remedy of rosacea.     


Therefore, light therapy is the ideal treatment for individuals having excessive exposure to camera on regular basis, or for the individuals who prefer non-invasive skin-tightening tricks. Facial Light Therapy is highly recommended every one to two weeks if there is any especial event coming your way.

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