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Chocolate diamond earrings are both classy and versatile and are, therefore, the perfect jewelry gift option for your loved one or even if you are buying for yourself. Earrings are very handy in the sense that they can be worn almost everywhere from weddings, functions, corporate events to even your workplace. However, with such versatility, the options to choose the right one for yourself are endless. It can be hard to know exactly which shape of the diamond, what level of the quality of the diamond, and which setting will suit your style or your loved one’s style the best.

When you are looking to buy colored diamond earrings, use this guide to help you alongside researching and deciding on a beautiful pair of brown diamond earrings.

Quality Guidelines

The quality guidelines for diamond earrings are not as rigid as for rings. The reason is quite apparent: engagement rings are more out in the open than earrings. People can have a closer look at the ring because it’s obviously on your hand. On the other hand, earrings are mostly hidden by hair and most people won’t enjoy a closer look at it. In terms of the 4C, the clarity and color are not as important when it comes to diamond earrings. The one 4C that you cannot skip is the cut of the diamond. A diamond’s cut will bear an important impact upon the diamond’s appearance and shine.

Diamond Cuts

The most commonly used shapes for earrings are round, Ascher and princess-cut diamonds. Basically, any cut of diamond that has equal proportions is well suited to be put in an earring. The cut depends upon the company’s expertise in handling chocolate diamond pieces.

Size of Diamonds

The size of diamonds in earrings is a matter of choice and personal taste but keep in mind that as stones get bigger, the price also tends to increase.

Settings for Diamond Earrings

Colored diamond earrings come in many different settings and the most popular are prong settings and bezel settings. Generally, bezels are said to be stronger as they hold the diamonds by encircling them with bands of metal. The downside of this type of setting is that they tend to hide the diamond more than the prone setting.

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