Self-Control Apps For Elementary School Child

When your child is anxious, stressed out, tired and is about to create a havoc, do you usually monitor their behavior and try to regulate their emotions? You sure do, right? This is because kids undergo turmoil of emotions and explore confusing feelings in school and home and to cope up with those feelings is important for their upbringing. For children who suffer with self-control issues, children learning apps are the best bet!

Some apps teach mindfulness to children and urge them to think before they act, keep their emotions intact and help them stay focused on their pre-set objectives. Self-regulation is vital for kids of today’s generation for whom the idea of practicing relaxation and meditation techniques has become an important part. The kind of mental drill is imperative for children to help them develop feelings of self-awareness and teach them the right skills to cope up with difficult situations smartly and calmly.

Why use an app to teach self-control?

In today’s turbulent digital world, smartphone usage in kids is more than ever before. Kids use children learning apps to learn at school and tap into this online learning medium for all sorts of learning activities. Although excessive screen time is not healthy for children, converting that screen time into a learning time helps parents let their child learn many things without compromising on their smartphone usage.

5 apps to help young kids learn self-control

As a matter of fact, our emotions feed our brains about the kind of experience we are facing, and those feelings fed to the brain result in our reaction. So, to make your child react in a subtle, kind and mannered manner, try using these best apps to help them keep their anxiety in control and learn mindfulness.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame
This app teaches self-control, planning, and problem-solving skills to your child. Kids have to calm a monster by breathing slowly.

Daniel’s Tiger Grr-ific Feelings
This app helps young kids to identify and express different series of emotions through fun songs and games.

AvoKiddo Emotions
In this app, kids are allowed to dress up and play with cute animated animals that bear quirky personalities, allowing the kids to match different emotions.

Breathing Bubbles
This app is particularly helpful for kids suffering from emotion control. The child presses a bubble to receive a joy or release a worry.

Morning Kids
Some kids with self-control issues find it difficult to start and stay on a task. Morning kids is a visual scheduler and planner that makes the morning routine fun for your child.

While you may not be able to control each and every reaction of your child, you can play an important role in shaping their emotions in a way that helps them react calmly. Once your child enters into adolescence, self-control is what they will need the most. When you use apps to control your child’s behavior, you will help them grow into a kind human being.