Why We Think The Future Is Video

Why We Think The Future Is Video

By orangemouse866 0 Comment April 9, 2018

A lot of people are on the video marketing bandwagon. Is it worth it? If used following the best practices, we think yes.

These are the reasons why we think the video is both now and the future.

  • Video is employed by 87% of online marketers (WordStream)

The biggest campaigners of visual content, online marketers sure do realize its importance. Rightly so too – they are aware video has a high penetration rate and is a favorite amongst viewers. Video is potent when it comes to urging consumers to take action; it’s not surprising online marketers favor it.

In fact, a good online marketing strategy is one that includes written content as well as video and other visual content to engage users. If the video engagement statistics are any true, the video is not going to go anywhere anytime in the future.

We have a prediction for the future: with this increasing demand for video content, soon there will be a need to manage it. As a result, many companies will employ a video strategist or director – if they have not already – to manage this emerging area.

  • A mobile phone is a primary device for watching videos (eMarketer)

Already more than half the population uses a mobile phone and the figures are still on the rise. With mobile being the primary device used to watch videos we expect video viewing to grow too, along with mobile phone users.

Users will expect this visual content to be mobile phone friendly. So, any online marketing efforts that employ video but do not make it compatible with mobile phone usage will be at a loss. As more and more users become content savvy, the demand for better content also increases.

  • The retention rate for personalized video content is 35% higher than non-personalized (HubSpot)

It has been known for quite a while; personalization is the key that locks the user into any type of content. This figure just proves it to us that it’s the same for video too. If video content creators intend to reap the full benefits of this content type, personalization is an ingredient they will have to put in the mix.

In the future, we can count on witnessing an influx of personalized videos.

  • More than half of marketers hail video as the type of content with greatest ROI (HubSpot)

High consumer engagement, good retention rate – this is a no-brainer. Some marketers are in agreement with the statement and glorify video. From this it can be concluded that they are doing something right; and the other half that does not agree with this statement? Maybe they are missing a cue and not doing video marketing right.

What do you think? Is video the future?